TMT Podcast Season 3

The seasons don't change around here. They stay the same, and the humor gets better.

Episode 1: Making You Think You're Deaf
   In this week's episode, the Team Autumn Podcast kicks off its third season.

Episode 2: Not Getting Political
   In this week's episode, Jamie and David are anticipating the Switch.

Episode 3: There are Feminists and They Hate Men
   In this week's episode, David tells dad jokes. Jamie explains why he must protect himself.

Episode 4: Double Penetration
   In this week's episode, Jamie tells of his colonoscopy. David does nothing of importance.

Episode 5: Legend of Zelda is King
   In this week's episode, David and Jamie discuss the Switch lineup.

Episode 6: Needs More Color
   In this week's episode, David gives a spoiler free review of Andromeda. Jamie goes on a rant.

Episode 7: Breath of the Wars
   In this week's episode, Jamie talks about Halo Wars 2. David continues to promote Legend of Zelda.

Episode 8: Ragnarok of United
   In this week's episode, Jamie doesn't want to fly anymore. David brings up Battlefront.

Episode 9: I Now Understand Politics
   In this week's episode, Jamie and David despise Destiny 2. There's not actually any politics.

Episode 10: E3 Review 2017
   In this week's episode, Jamie and David discuss their personal highlights.

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