Jun 18, 2016

E3 2016 Sony Conference

Sony's presentation had a slew of game announcements and gameplay previews, several of which were Playstation exclusive. They had already mentioned that they wouldn't be showing off the PS4 Neo, focusing instead on their software lineup.

The first game that Sony showed off was a new God of War title. Kratos was sporting a beard and living in the artic area, using a battle axe instead of his chain blades. No further details were given other than what were shown in the gameplay demo.

A trailer for new IP Days Gone was next, which showed a biker turned bounty hunter living in a post apocalyptic world. A trailer was shown, but a live demo of the game was played at the end of the conference with more understanding of the gameplay mechanics.

The Last Guardian received another trailer, this time with a release date: October 12th, 2016. The game has been in production since the PS3.

Horizon: Zero Dawn was initially revealed at last year's E3. This year it got a gameplay trailer, was well as a release date. Horizon comes out on the PS4 on February 28th of next year.

Afterwards the audience was treated to a trailer for Detroit: Become Human. It stars an android working as a negotiator, who had to use clues and dialogue paths to fulfill his job. The game appears to have control mechanics similar to Heavy Rain and multiple end scenarios.

A trailer for Resident Evil VII: Biohazard was revealed, featuring a man waking up in an abandoned house with a warning phone call. A playable teaser for the game with the subtitle Beginning Hour is available. The actual game will be virtual reality compatible.

Speaking of virtual reality, the Playstation 4's virtual reality set comes out on October 13th. It will be priced for $399 and more than fifty games are planned to be released supporting VR before the end of the year.

One of these games is Far Point, a first person shooter set in a science fiction setting. The protagonist's ship has crash landed on an unknown planet and finds himself fighting for his survival against aliens.

A teaser trailer for Star Wars Battlefront: X-wing VR was shown. No other information including release date was given.

Rocksteady is creating a new Batman Arkham game, this one for virtual reality support. It releases in October 2016.

Joining the virtual reality bandwagon is Final Fantasy XV. The game is getting a first person shooter aspect added for virtual reality, where the player moved by warping to different locations.

Gameplay was shown for Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare. The campaign for Infinite Warfare and the remastered Modern Warfare will be open for play 30 days early on the PS4.

Sony then moved away from virtual reality to announce the return of an old mascot. A deal with Activision announces a complete remaster of Crash Bandicoot 1, 2, and Warped. No release date was given.

Now available for purchase, Skylanders Imaginators was revealed. The twist on the action figure franchise this time is that players can choose from various parts to create their own unique Skylanders.

Also available now is the gold edition for Lego Star Wars Force Awakens.

Afterward, Hideo Kojima came out on stage. He showed a peek at what his new studio was working on. The game is called Death Stranding and stars Norman Reedus through motion capture as the main protagonist.

The last game revealed at Sony's conference was a new Spider-man game. Insomniac is taking over the reins for this entry.

And that was Sony's conference! There's a lot to see. What do you guys think of it?

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