Jun 17, 2015

E3: Square Enix Conference Overview

Square Enix started their conference up in an action heavy style courtesy of Just Cause 3, which was followed up by a short little recap of the journey of Square Enix, with Life Is Strange and Final Fantasy getting a mention.

Just Cause 3 will launch globally December 1st 2015 for PS4, Xbox one and PC, many of the games classic tools of destruction will be a lot more destructive.

Next there was an announcement of The New NieR Product which is currently in early development, more info, including it name, will be released in the fall of 2015, although it seems to be a PS4 exclusive.

Rise Of The Tomb Raider was shown next with footage that has already been seen, a behind the scenes video was then shown, showing all the details of who they make Lara look realistic, including scars that she got in the first game.

Tomb Raider will also be getting a mobile game called Lara Croft GO.

Final Fantasy VII will be getting a remake on the PS4, a teaser was shown with more information coming this winter.

Now for some Kingdom Hearts news, a trailer was shown for Kingdom Hearts Unchained which will be for Mobile, that news was followed by a world premier Kingdom Hearts 3 gameplay.

Following the Sony conference some more footage was shown for World Of Final Fantasy, which takes place in an entirely brand new universe, the release is being aimed for 2016.

Hitman time! the game will be getting additional content based on player feedback after release, a trailer was shown detail the basics of the game.

A trailer was shown for StarOcean Integrity and Faithlessness, a game previously announced for Japan will now also be getting a North America and Europe release in 2016.

Deus Ex Mankind Divided will take place two years after the previous game, a world premier trailer featuring gameplay was shown, the game will be available early 2016 for Xbox One, PS4 and PC.

Finally a new RPG game being developed by a new studio called Tokyo RPG Factory was announced and some concept art was shown, the game is called Project Setsuna and is in development now with a planned release for 2016.

Conference Ranking: A
Square Enix did a good job of following up every game announcement and trailer with a good amount of information, while also teasing some upcoming games in the best way possible, while also showing that all gaming platforms will be receiving a Square Enix game from now to 2016.

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