Jun 15, 2015

E3: Sony Conference Overview

Traditionally, Sony has always showed a lot of games and focused on their library. This year, they stuck to their tried and true motto.

The first thing that Sony showed was a gameplay demo for The Last Guardian. The game is nearing completion and it is officially releasing 2016.

A new IP produced by the creators of Killzone, called Horizon Zero Dawn, was revealed. Players play as a nomadic hunter centuries after civilization's collapse where animalistic machines roam the world.

Hitman had a trailer for a new addition to the franchise. PS4 players who preorder the game will get access to the beta, and the game will also come with 6 exclusive missions for the PS4.

Street Fighter V was revealed during the PS4 conference. There will be returning fighters as well as new challengers, and a beta launches for the PS4 on July 23rd.

No Man's Sky had a gameplay demo that showed off space combat, planet exploration, the full destructibility of the planets, and the size of the game. There were likely tens of thousands of solar systems to visit in the glimpse of the game map shown.

Sony then revealed a new IP called Dreams. Using the motion controls of the PS4 controller, players will sketch and create dream sequences meant to feel like dreams and inspire questions in players that they can share.

Following Dreams was a third new IP, called Firewatch. The trailer revealed that the player, a forest ranger, was responsible for investigating a mystery within the woods they tend to.

Destiny's third expansion, the Taken King, was unveiled. It features, Oryx, the father of Crota, as the main antagonist and unlocks a third subclass for all three classes (this includes a new super as well).

A trailer was shown for Assassin Creed Syndicate, showcasing Evie's playstyle which is more stealth focused. The PS4 is also getting exclusive missions called the Dread Crimes.

Square Enix revealed a new Final Fantasy spinoff called World of Final Fantasy. Players can change the size of their characters to different effects in battle. It is going to be released in 2016.

To the delight of the audience, Sony also announced another Final Fantasy game. Final Fantasy VII is getting a remake and will be released on PS4 before another other platform.

After the trailer for Final Fantasy VII, Sony showed a collection of trailers of indie games, specifically Ronin, Eitr, Mother Russia Bleeds, and Crossing Souls. They are side scrolling beat-em-up games.

Shenmue III was announced. It is being funded by a Kickstarter that went live during the conference.

A trailer was shown for Batman Arkham Knight, detailing the Scarecrow exclusive missions for PS4.

Sony switched gears for a moment and talked about Project Morpheus. They are working to bring multiplayer virtual reality to the PS4. They also mentioned Playstation Vue, their soon to be released worldwide tv streaming service. It will be released worldwide in September, and will be the only such service to offer subscriptions for individual channels.

Activision has made a partnership deal with Sony and showed off Black Ops III's coop campaign. Players will be able to choose their own loadouts for each mission. PS4 will not only be getting the multiplayer map packs before any other platform, but will also receive the beta first in the month of August.

Disney Infinity 3.0 was revealed. PS4 will be getting an exclusive starter pack before other platforms, which includes Boba Fett.

Next, Sony showed the new survival mode in Star Wars Battlefront. They also mentioned another new game mode, trials, which trains players to master the game's nuances.

Finally, Sony ended their conference with a gameplay demo of Uncharted 4: A Thief's End.

Conference Grade: A
Sony not only announced and several high profile exclusives, but showed gameplay demos and announced console exclusive bonuses that ascertained a secure future. While not everything shown was being released soon, Sony has definitely planned out their launch list.

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