Jun 16, 2015

E3: Halo 5 Guardians Warzone Overview

E3 gave us our first look this brand new competitive mode, introducing.....


Warzone is a 12 v 12, that's 24 players, team based game mode, with AI Covenant and Prometheans spread out across maps 4 times bigger than anything we've seen before, with the main goal being to "Capture the most victory points to win" or "Destroy the enemy team core" the way you go out to achieve this is entirely up to you and your play style, if you want to go after the enemy team you can! If you want to gain additional bases and go for the enemy team core you can! If you want to go after the AI and AI bosses you can! No matter what you do you are contributing towards the victory.
The Epic scale maps include two team bases, one red and one blue, both including an armoury, out in the centre of the map is a garage which you can use to spawn vehicles, and three neutral bases which your team will need to capture to unlock the enemies core.
Upon starting the game your teams bases will be overrun with AI enemies, so your first goal would be to clears those out, but once you've done that, you can go out into the warzone and from there the choice is yours, do you want to capture an enemy base? Or fight an AI bosses?
Warzone might be the most epic multiplayer experience Halo has ever offered, but we'll have to wait for the Halo 5 launch coming October 27th 2015.
If you want to see the Halo Warzone trailer, click here 

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