Jun 15, 2015

E3: Bethesda Conference Overview

This was Bethesda's first full conference at E3, and their conference set the tone for the year. They decided to come out immediately with one of their heaviest hitters for E3.

First up was Doom, being produced by id Software. The gameplay shown was fast paced and smooth, with more vertical movement than in previous Doom iterations. Things both old and new to the franchise made an appearance, including a new execution technique for finishing off weakened enemies. Especially pleasant to veterans of the series was the return of the Super Shotgun.

Perhaps the most exciting part about the new Doom was what Bethesda referred to as Snapmap, which allows players to create and play their own Doom levels, whether they were singleplayer missions, horde encounters, or multiplayer maps.

After Doom, Bethesda talked briefly about a new online site called Bethesda.net. The new site is going to act as a hub for future Bethesda games, similar to EA's Origin profiles and Ubisoft's Uplay.

A brief trailer was shown for Battle Cry, a new Action MOBA featuring class shooters and team focused gameplay. The worldwide beta was announced.

Dishonored 2 was the next game shown. While not much was divulged about the stealth action series, Bethesda revealed that players could choose between playing once again as Corvo, or as his charge Emily. Both characters are going to have different powers and gadgets to give them different playstyles. While no date for Dishonored 2 was set, a definitive edition of the first Dishonored was announced for the current generation with all the DLC included free of charge.

Bethesda next briefly mentioned a new expansion for their MMO, Elder Scrolls Online, which would take players to Tamriel and Orsinium, and also announced plans to release a mobile card game featuring the Elder Scrolls lore.

Finally, they talked about Fallout 4. Bethesda stressed how much more detail they've put into the new iteration of the series. Character creation is now performed by clicking and dragging parts of the face, and story-wise it seems that the player character is the sole survivor of Vault 111.

Being released alongside Fallout 4 is a Pip-Boy app that will interact with Fallout 4. Players can use it to access their inventory, equipment, and stats as though it were their in-game Pip-Boy. Important to note is the Fallout 4 collector's edition, which includes a real Pip-Boy that players can place their phone in and use.

Bethesda's proudest features in Fallout 4 involved customization. They said that there were fifty base weapons and hundreds of mods available, as well as customized power armor. New to the series, players can now tear down buildings and create their own settlements in specific areas, giving players their own safe houses, towns, and merchants to create for their own interests. Every item in the game now has a purpose, whether to create a weapon mod or building settlements.

Also, it appears that the power armor in Fallout 4 will be getting jetpacks. Fallout 4 is going to be released on November 10th of this year.

To wrap things up for their conference, Bethesda introduced a mobile game called Fallout Shelter. in the same vein as Sim City and XCOM. It was released that night and is a free to play game without required internet connection.

Conference Ranking: A
People were concerned about Bethesda's conference when they announced Fallout 4 beforehand. But for Bethesda's first conference, they had a powerhouse of a show. Doom and Fallout 4 garnered lots of interest and it will exciting to see if the other conferences generate as much excitement.

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