Sep 28, 2014

TMT Podcast Episode 75

TMT have BZZZZTwarningsaveyourselvesBZZZZT some odd ideas.

On this week's podcast:
  • Jamie
  • David

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Link Dump:
Hyrule Warriors Epona DLC
Scientists Teleport Light 25 Kilometers
Assassin's Creed Goes to China
iPhone 6 bends in pockets

Tag List:
Destiny, Megaman, Hyrule Warriors, Super Smash Brothers, Batman, Gotham, Assassin's Creed, iPhone 6, Cthulu, Slender the Arrival, Xbox 360, Peter Dinklage, Nintendo, Legend of Zelda, Oracle of Seasons

1 comment:

  1. So are you guys making a Team DBAH-esque Fan-fiction or what LOL