Jul 21, 2014

TMT Podcast Episode 30

TMT's pants are still wet.

On this week's podcast:
  • Jamie
  • David

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Link Dump:
Super Smash Brothers Site
Captain Falcon and Captain Olimar Cutscene
SSB4 Captain Falcon and Fire Emblem Trailer
How to Talk to Girls Gamer Comic
Let's Play Destiny Beta

Tag List:
FBI, NSA, Worm, Super Smash Brothers, Captain Falcon, Fire Emblem, Lucina, Robin, Wii Fit Trainer, Animal Crossing Villager, Ray Man, Forest Gump, Toy Story, Tom Hanks, Square Enix, Rooster Teeth, Bioware, Xbox, Microsoft, Minecraft, Always Sunny In Philadelphia, Outlast, Aladdin, Xbox One, Destiny Beta, PS4, Wii U, Legend of Zelda Windwaker

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